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Web-based editorial software with AI features

  • Cross-media media production
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable
  • Efficient editorial work

Many of our customers are in the midst of digital transformation.

They want to use innovative technologies to support journalistic work. We accompany them in this process. Together, we modernize the software landscape and ensure lean, efficient processes.

Running successfully for over 10,000 users

Finding, planning, and developing simple topics

From discovering topics and research to production: With Newsmind Stories, you bundle all your content workflows smoothly in one place. Establish a theme-centered process and always stay in control during complex editorial work. Cross-media, cross-editorial, and traceable.

Don't miss any information and trends

Don’t miss important news and trends anymore! Use Newsmind Stories for targeted research or as a powerful source of inspiration. The software uses AI to automatically monitor various sources, from news tickers to social media, and offers you a clear and real-time view in your dashboard.

More presence on all channels – flexible and fast

Is a story ready and can it be told? Publish your content quickly and with just a few clicks on the appropriate channels – directly from Newsmind Stories. Or simply export finished content to your distribution systems such as OpenMedia, Sophora CMS, or to social media platforms. Our development team also implements integrations for special tools and yet unknown export destinations. You have the freedom to choose.

Use integrations for an effective workflow

Through seamless integration with distribution and CMS systems, as well as other tools, you can cover your entire workflow in Newsmind Stories. Work more efficiently and save time by consolidating all relevant functions in one place. Additionally, Stories enables easy export and import of data to facilitate smooth data exchange with other systems. Interested? Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

AI and automation

AI features lighten your workload

Smart automations and generative AI enhance your work efficiency. Let time-consuming monitoring tasks be taken off your plate, simplify your research, find relevant updates with just a few clicks, or generate suitable drafts for articles or social media posts effortlessly.

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Pricing and service

Which features do you need? Take a look at our plans.

Discover here which plan, with which features, suits your needs best. Additionally, explore our comprehensive services, and check out the FAQ for more information.

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Talk to us

Ask us your questions personally and have a conversation with us. In 30 to 60 minutes, we will give you a demo of Newsmind Stories and find a solution that suits you. Completely non-binding and free.

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Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne

As a public service broadcaster, Westdeutscher Rundfunk focuses on the quality and topicality of its programs. To meet this demand in today’s media landscape, editorial teams and newsrooms must be able to work efficiently and across media.

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