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Modern and efficient production: Cross-media content planning and distribution with Newsmind Stories

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Plan.R: WDR chooses central editorial software for planning and distribution

As a public service broadcaster, Westdeutscher Rundfunk focuses on the quality and topicality of its programs. To meet this demand in today’s media landscape, editorial teams and newsrooms must above all be able to work efficiently and collaboratively across all media. This goal is not always easy to achieve for editorial departments, given the rapidly growing number of information sources and the many channels that need to be covered. Content production is becoming increasingly complex.

How can the WDR …

  • handle the flood of information effectively,
  • check the relevance of the incoming news,
  • publish across all media and
  • keep track of everything despite remote work and globally distributed teams?

By going digital and simplifying its editorial processes: With the Newsmind Stories editorial system (WDR Plan.R), WDR uses our AI-based tool to holistically optimize its media processes and centrally manage topics, stories and events. This combines planning for TV, radio, web and social media in a single tool for the first time.

The Plan.R editorial system supports WDR from research to distribution

Der WDR verbessert mit der Einführung von Plan.R die Voraussetzungen für eine crossmediale, bereichsübergreifende Arbeitsweise signifikant. So unterstützt die Newsroom-Software die Redaktionen von der Recherche über die gemeinsame Planung und Steuerung bis hin zur Veröffentlichung. Dabei berücksichtigt Plan.R die individuellen Workflows und Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Teams, Redaktionen und Newsrooms: Die Anwendung kann individuell und umfassend konfiguriert und angepasst werden.

Built to be clear

AI-supported and automatically, Plan.R monitors information sources such as Twitter feeds, event portals or news and agency tickers, pre-structures the messages and summarizes them in topic clusters. This provides an overview of the current topic and news situation at all times.

Across media

With an easy-to-use interface in Plan.R, editors can plan across media outlets and editorial teams, collaboratively work on a topic, and always see which content is scheduled for a topic on which platform. This creates transparency and simplifies the collaborative creation and management of content.


Platform-specific offers can be easily defined and distributed: either directly from Newsmind Stories, or via the integration of various distribution channels such as specific social media platforms or production systems.


Research: Plan.R supports topic research by using AI-supported and real-time monitoring of news from agencies, appointments, press articles, social networks and automatically offering them as a stream for WDR. This way, editors no longer miss any news – not even the contributions of competing media houses or Twitter feeds. In addition to external information sources, it also provides search in internal databases. Additional content from the archive (previous publications, image, video and audio contributions) as well as the user’s own research and ideas are thus incorporated into the intuitive tool for cross-media topic planning.

Topics and stories: Information that is related can be easily grouped into a topic. In dynamic topic teams, these can then be further planned, developed and controlled independently of target platforms. It is at the story level that editing becomes platform-specific: editors develop the various stories from a single topic and define, plan, edit and distribute platform-specific offerings as text, video, audio or even social media contributions.

Distribution: WDR sets new standards in the integration of different distribution channels. With just a few clicks, stories can be published on various channels: either directly from the editorial software, or by exporting the content to connected distribution systems.

Clear dashboards: In a form of Kanban boards and streams, teams have an overview of all messages and also planned releases at any time. They always see on which platform which content is planned for a topic. This saves communication and coordination effort.

Asset management: Newsmind Stories’ own asset management enables WDR to consolidate data and assets centrally and store them in a media-neutral manner. Editorial teams can work with and publish content easily across all media.

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