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Product launch Newsmind Stories:

Structure, plan and create AI-based digital content in the newsroom

Efficient planning and information management is increasingly important for large and small media companies in fast-moving times, faced with more and more sources of information and increasing volumes of data. Editorial teams constantly have to monitor the ever-changing information landscape and corresponding news streams so that they can plan their topics accordingly. This time-consuming task is simplified by our AI-based tool for topic planning: Newsmind Stories. Newsmind Stories monitors all important news sources and events and clearly structures incoming information.

With Newsmind Stories, newsroom employees work together efficiently:
Artificial intelligence automates many cross-media topic planning processes. This helps editors and journalists to view, evaluate and summarize related content around a topic and create channel-specific content. On request, automatic enrichment with suitable archive material can be performed. This allows users to plan posts quickly and easily – from texts, videos and audios to social media posts.

And for smooth collaboration, Newsmind Stories lets you see transparently what your colleagues are working on. This enables editors to work collaboratively on one topic – significantly increasing the efficiency and output of editorial teams. What’s more, newsroom teams always know what the competition is up to. Newsmind Stories monitors published news from the competition and provides individual and real-time news streams. Editorial staff can use this to differentiate their articles or develop a topic further – and then distribute it via connected social media platforms or integrated production systems.


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