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How we support WDR with Big Data and AI solutions

AI and big data technologies offer support along the entire media production process. It is precisely what German public broadcaster WDR has successfully demonstrated. It has developed new applications ranging from topic planning and automatic distribution to cross-media archive research, counting on Convit as a key partner. We are extremely pleased that WDR has now confirmed this partnership for the coming years!

Together we can achieve:

  • More overview
  • More relevance
  • More efficiency

What does the collaboration with WDR look like in the future?

There is still a lot to do! New technologies and methods are constantly emerging that have the potential to streamline processes. As a development partner and solution provider, we are ready to leverage this potential and realize it in specific applications:

  • Editorial planning and newsroom systems
  • Archive systems
  • Production systems
  • Distribution systems

Highly scalable, AI-supported, cross-media and cloud-based.

Convit GmbH

Sounds good?

Just like WDR, you want to benefit from our services and solutions like Newsmind Stories and Media Data Hub? Talk to us!

Web-based editorial software with AI support: Collaboratively plan, research, develop, and publish topics and stories in a media-specific way.

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