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The E-Varamu portal allows anyone to access digital, cultural resources through a single internet portal.

Success Story

The E-Varamu portal allows anyone to access digital, cultural resources through a single internet portal.

Available data include scientific literature, Estonian national printed matter, Estonia-centered cultural history and national poetry collections, early printed books, and museum and archive holdings. The central functional feature is semantic interoperability and cross-referencing capability for new and existing databases. When creating the Data Hub, information and data quality was the main goal. The platform is intended to provide a bridge between authoritative science-based information and user-provided content. In the future, millions of books, journals, manuscripts, e-journals, and electronic books will be made available to the public. This provides worldwide access to Estonian cultural heritage. Convit supports the Elnet Consortium in the operation and further development of the software. Take me to the E-Varamu portal

Culture Online

Estonia’s digital cultural heritage becomes available online.


Convenient research viewing, comparison, sharing and collaboration.

Simple Harvesting

Effortless harvesting of external data sources and data submissions.

Product Details

The central challenge of the E-Varamu portal is to aggregate and prepare data from a variety of data providers and to make the data available in a uniform and consistent manner on the E-Varamu portal and for other applications used by cultural professionals. For this purpose, a data hub was developed, which enables the harmonization of the metadata and realizes the mapping of the data to a higher-level graph-based data model.

The content is made available centrally via a cross-media search engine with semantic features. The technical solution is specially designed for harversting data from a large amount of sources and offers clear management mechanisms. The E-Varamu portal has special mechanisms for authentication and authorization that allow reuse of existing user data.

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