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Digital platform for strategy and analysis

Digital platform for strategy and analysis

  • Establish an audiences-first mindset and understand target audiences
  • Define, review, and achieve collective goals
  • Measure KPIs and engagement, and work with your data
  • Recognizing trends and making data-driven decisions
Datenbasierte Content Analyse
Crossmedialer Prozess der datenbasierten Content Planung

From strategy through editorial planning to analysis

Connect the linear world with the digital. Set goals, utilize data from various sources, and link your strategy with operational work to achieve results and effectively engage your target audiences.

Develop a holistic strategy

Establish goals as a team, visualize them, and connect your objectives with products and offerings. Continuously assess which ideas contribute to your goals, creating a clear workflow based around your strategies and objectives.

Utilize a goal-setting framework

You are diverse teams with heterogeneous tasks and products? But you all work towards a specific goal. Create a goal pyramid for your offerings and formats based on the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method, and quickly recognize how the lower levels contribute to the upper ones, enabling you to implement the strategy together and achieve your goals.

Detect topics and trends using AI

What drives your target audience? How have past contents been received? What trends are emerging incidentally? Establish monitoring and data utilization in your company and, with the help of AI and data analytics, know today what will be popular tomorrow.

Utilize insights for further planning

Reach, engagement, social media data, or Google Analytics? We link your data from various sources and create simple visualizations and dashboards for you. Intuitively recognize what is important for planning and engagement strategies, and how to better engage your target audiences.

The platform adapts to your processes

What do you want to achieve? What is planned? Which data do you want to include? We will create the exact tool that corresponds to your workflows and structures. Newsmind Insight is completely configurable. Talk to us now about your requirements.

Newsmind Insight connecting one central database with a goal pyramid.

Do you want to make your processes around strategy and analysis more efficient and finally work effectively with data?

Reach out to us and ask us your questions. Of course, it’s free. In 30 – 60 minutes, we’ll talk informally about your requirements, wishes, and challenges. We’ll personally show you the possibilities Newsmind Insight offers to your company.

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