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Plan.R: Comfortable Working in the Newsroom

As a public service broadcaster, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) focuses on efficient and cross-media campaign planning. Particular emphasis is placed on the quality and topicality of the articles produced. However, due to the rapidly growing number of sources of information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the flood of information and to verify the relevance of incoming notifications. The number of channels which need to be covered is also increasing. WDR uses the AI-based tool within Plan.R for all their editorial campaign planning for television, radio and social media.

Plan.R Supports Newsroom Editors to Handle Incoming News:

The system monitors sources of information, such as Twitter feeds, event directories, event portals, news and agency tickers, and then structures these reports and groups them into topic clusters. Using a form of Kanban board, employees in the WDR Newsroom can coordinate cross-media topics across editorial teams and play out articles in the desired publication medium at the right time.


As an application, Plan.R increases newsroom efficiency on cross-media topic planning


Plan.R pre-sorts similar news items. This allows newsroom editors to maintain an overview of current topics and the news.


With Plan.R, editors can plan across different media types and work collaboratively on a set of topics or devote themselves to one particular project.


Articles and archive materials can be processed further via connected social media platforms and production systems.

Product Details

Plan.R Enables Optimal Collaboration in the Newsroom

Plan.R is the editorial tool used by WDR Newsroom staff to create, manage and plan multimedia content on a topic-by-topic basis. In addition to external sources of information, archived content (previous publications, images, videos and audio contributions) staff research and suggestions are fed into this intuitive tool for cross-media topic planning.

Supported by the automated methods of Natural Language Processing (NLP), WDR Newsroom editors also monitor communications from competing media houses or Twitter feeds, thanks to automatically generated streams.

Plan.R scours a wide variety of topics, selects appropriate content and meaningful keywords, tags relevant news, summarizes content-related information on a topic, plans social media posts in addition to text, video and audio contributions, and implements communications of all kinds in a media-specific manner. Because Plan.R not only links topics, but also the systems for topic planning and broadcasting, WDR is noticeably increasing the efficiency of its newsroom processes.

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