ARD – Media Data Hub

Cross-media research and automated, digital workflows for the editorial workplace.


ARD – The Media Data Hub is a key project for the ARD structural reform.

Launched as a cross-media metadata system, the Data Hub is the foundation for modern and connected work. It offers significant increases in efficiency in the retrieval and storage of content. The automatic generation of metadata (e.g., keywords) and the provision of intelligent, cross-media search functions provides writers with convenient access to ARD’s entire program. Increasing automation in editing, documentation, archiving and IT lead to a significant reduction in workload. The MDH was initially developed on behalf of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk and in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS.


As a companion of digitalisation, we generate tailored solutions for every environment.

Central Access

To all information relevant for production from planning, production, licenses and archives.

Cross-media Search Functions

Convenient research, viewing, editing, playout, sharing and collaboration.


A hub to exchange metadata between media production systems.

Product Details

ARD faces the challenge of a growing number of internal systems, information and distribution channels. In addition to content design, documentation and information obligations are also increasing. Rights clearance, copyright disclosure, Gema notifications and invoicing are essential parts of the workflow. In order to produce high-quality content and to cope with the increased documentation obligations, ARD editors require a large number of specialised systems. Researching information using these systems is costly and time-consuming. The creative work process lacks exactly that – time. The Media Data Hub acts a central data hub in the media production chain and facilitates access to internal systems such as licensing, planning, production and invoicing, and information from external data sources, such as the web.

The integration of data from these specialised systems is enriched by automatically generated metadata based on AI processes. This enables editorial teams to conduct cross-system, efficient and cross-media research, viewing, playout and editing. Cross-departmental collaboration is greatly simplified, and writers are given access to the entire program. Through semantic search methods and AI-supported evaluation of user actions, the system enables more precise search results and also facilitates content research through user-adapted search suggestions.


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