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Tell your story with Newsmind Stories. With the Newsroom tool, you can plan, prepare and formulate a wide range of media-specific communications and articles. Newsmind Stories collates a variety of sources of information such as Twitter feeds, headlines and News monitoring services into continually updated streams. Read about the latest trending topics before your competitors and allow our clean interface to cut through the noise. With Newsmind Stories, collaborate across editorial teams, edit topics and share content. Our application supports you from content creation through to the organization of your publication lists, all in a single system. It’s never been easier to manage your news.

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Everything in view at all times

Thanks to Topic Detection, monitor up-to-date news and topics across a wide variety of sources of information. This allows you to organize and work on planning your communications – on your own or in a team.

Plan and organize campaigns across all media.

Make your work easier by simply using drag and drop to decide how each news item is processed for every platform.

Your AI assistant

Keyword Suggestions

AI analyzes your data and immediately provides you with suggestions for relevant keywords to use in your communications. SEO becomes straightforward and requires a fraction of the time.

Keep an Eye on The Competition

Maintain focus on creative tasks while our AI keeps an eye on your competitors. Find out when news providers publish similar articles and use this to your advantage.

Overview of Newsmind Stories Features


Create, edit or delete topics.

Agency Stories

Receive and collate agency news or convert them into stories.


Organize all appointments in a single workflow.

Social Media

Integrate social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss the latest news.

Mobile Version

Keep track of topics on the go, edit stories and upload content directly from your mobile device.


Control regional newsroom interfaces and manage users.

Integrated Chat

Exchange information with colleagues and work together seamlessly.

Light / Dark mode

Newsmind Stories is available in light and dark mode design. Decide on your preferred system settings.

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