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Digital transformation is changing the media industry like no other. This poses challenges for media companies, such as publishers and broadcasters. The increasing links between diverse media channels and a strong media usage shift towards the Internet require innovative, forward-looking strategies and concepts. This is where cooperation can offer great benefits.


Automatically connect editorial texts with suitable video content

In order to hold their own against national and international competition (including against U.S. Internet corporations) it is well worth media companies entering into strategic partnerships. By linking content streams – both textual and multimedia – they unlock valuable synergy effects, become more appealing and achieve greater reach together. Newsmind Link forms the technological basis for such collaborations. With Newsmind Link, media companies make their content accessible to cooperating media producers. Texts, videos and audio files which have been AI-analyzed and indexed according to semantics and content, are the foundations for content distributors. This material allows them to automatically enrich articles on their websites, information portals and apps with precisely tailored video and audio recommendations from relevant content suppliers.

Both content suppliers and content distributors benefit from Newsmind Link. Once the AI-based analysis models have been customized and the interfaces have been configured, users no longer have to worry about a thing when using Newsmind Link. Audio-visual and text-based content enters an intermediary platform via secure bidirectional interfaces. This ensures the necessary security with regard to the verification and distribution of uploaded content. After content is verified for authenticity and legality, AI-based evaluation and matching begins automatically. Artificial intelligence analyzes a text and returns a list of the most relevant videos and audios that content suppliers connected to the platform have previously provided, in web-compatible formats. The process of integrating video content is fully automated.

The advantage: perfectly harmonized text and multimedia content can be published easily. It couldn’t be simpler or more efficient.

As a provider of cutting-edge media technology, we support needs-oriented media companies to maximise the potential of their media resources and reach. With Newsmind Link, we offer viable technology to bring digital media products and content providers together.

Content distribution has never been easier


Output of thematically relevant, complementary content is completely automated thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining.


Media companies work together on an innovative platform to achieve a wider reach.


Modern encryption technology ensures the necessary security – during content verification and distribution.

Newsmind Link offers harmony between videos and texts.

Convit’s artificial intelligence forms the technological basis upon which media companies can collaborate simply and easily.

Overview of Link features

Topic Detection

Newsmind Link automatically detects a topic and generates matching suggestions for similar news items and articles.

Near Realtime Analyse

Newsmind Link enables of up-to-date multimedia content to be analysed and linked within minutes of publication.


Fully automated AI connections between text and video content.


Content suggestions are automatically updated as soon as new content is made available.

Semantic Discovery

Concept recognition: Subjects, people and places are recognized in text, audio and video files and are assessed for tailored suggestions.

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