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Artificial Intelligence

The amount of information and sources of data is growing inexorably The requirement for swift response times is also increasing exponentially. So how can media companies meet these demands without compromising on content quality? By using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithms which are tailored to the requirements of a newsroom, and which support editorial staff and journalists in their daily tasks. Our products don’t replace editors, they help them. Thanks to our automated processes, they have more time for the really important tasks – which are now quicker and easier to complete.

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The news industry requires a great deal of digital solutions. Unfortunately, many products in this industry were created at a time when digital capabilities were not a key concern.

This is where Newsmind comes in – we offer news planning and analysis combined with innovative technology.

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We have a profound knowledge of cutting-edge technology in this field and have been integrating it into media industry workflows for many years.


We strive for progress, so we act now. Our many strengths include the creativity and courage to embrace new technology.

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There’s no outdated software here. Our resources are directly channeled into (continual) product development.


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